‘I’m very proud of the compromise’

LEAFLETS hitting out at the Alliance Party on the flags issue have been distributed in Donaghcloney.

However, local Alliance councillor, Sheila McQuaid, has said that she is ‘very proud’ of the compromise her party made over the Belfast City Hall flag issue

A peaceful protest, which was witnessed by the Banbridge councillor, was held on Thursday evening but following the conclusion of the gathering leaflets were put through letterboxes in the village.

Entitled ‘Save our flag’. the leaflets read: “A vote for the Alliance Party only strengthens Sinn Fein’s cultural war on our British identity and culture. Shame on the Alliance traitors!

“The tiny Alliance party no longer has any democratic mandate in loyalist areas. More loyalists are on the streets demonstrating than the Alliance ever got in votes in any election. This is real democracy in action.

“The Alliance party no longer sit on the political fence, they are now firmly part of the Republican ‘pan-Nationalist front’ who are determined to continue their cultural war against the Loyalist people of Ulster.

“It is time the Alliancce closed their offices in our areas, packed their bags and left us in peace.

“David Ford and Naomi Long need to understand: the party is over, it’s time you went home.”

It concluded: “Our flag and our British identity are non-negotiable... ever!”

Councillor McQuaid praised the protestors for behaving in a peaceful manner but said the leaflets were unnecessary.

“I drove through Donaghcloney on my way home from Antrim and I would praise the protesters for behaving in a peaceful manner at the side of the road. There were no covered faced, no balaclavas - I don’t think there was even a hoodie, and it was all carefully marshalled.

“It is their democratic right to protest and people are entitled to kick up a fuss.

“However this is not their province or my province - this is our province.

“The Alliance party is working towards a shared future for everyone and even if we don’t agree with someone’s point of view then we should at the very least respect them.

“I’m very proud of the compromise made by my colleagues in Belfast and I salute them for the position they took.”