Results from the Hartford Arms Ladies Dart League

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Prelim Charity Cup - 1st Dunmurry 6-3 McCrums

1st Dunmurry winners: A. Graham N. Graham J. Watson C. Holyness A. Graham & W. Braney N. Graham & E Holness

McCrums Winners: S. J Nelson W. McGhee S. Johnston & P. Woos

First round Charity Cup - Distillery 7-2 Legion

Distillery winners: C. Taylor M. Jamison (115) S. Thompson S. Moulds N Jamison N. Jamison & R. Addis M. Jamison & S. Moulds

Legion Winners: G. Dowling M. Crangle & P. McConnell (114)

Armsford 4-5 1st Dunmurry

Armsford winners: V. Lyons G. Woods R. Lyons H. Hooks & G. Woods

1st Dunmurry Winners: W. Baney J. Watson I. Elliott N. Graham & W. Braney I. Elliott & J. Watson

Queensway 5-4 Dunmurry Rec

Queensway winners: L. McIntntyre R. McIntyre C. Brennan S. Black A. Jess & L. McIntyre A. Howe & R. McIntyre

Dunmurry Rec winners: H. McQuaid A. Porter J. Friars & H. McQuaid W. Flanagann & R. McQuaid