Indy the lamb is loving the ‘baa-ed’ weather

Indy the Sheep and Madison (6) enjoy playing in the snow.
Indy the Sheep and Madison (6) enjoy playing in the snow.

Children of all ages love a snow day but six-year-old Madison just can’t get enough of the ‘baa-ed’ weather.

That’s because Maddie’s pet sheep Indy has also turned out to be a big fan of the white stuff and the two like nothing better than getting the woollies on and playing in the snow on the family farm just outside Dromara.

Jenna Murphy filmed her son Maddie and Indy enjoying some fun in the snow last week. She told the Leader how the sheep has become part of the family since they got it last year.

Jenna said: “Indy loves the snow. I keep her in a wee shed at night and as soon as Maddie opened the door to let her out, she flew across the yard, skipping and kicking her back legs, she was so excited at seeing the snow.

“We have had Indy since she was two days old, she is just a pet now.

“I had planned on raring the lamb and getting rid of her, but she is attached I genuniely couldn’t get rid of her.

“Whenever the postman comes into the yard she jumps into their van - he has to open the other door to let her out.”

“She runs up and down the lane and comes whenever you call her name.

“Whenever I come in at night after working, Indy spots me and then stands and waits on me.

“Maddie loves her and he loves helping out on the farm - he collects the eggs, he helps clean out and he enjoys the countrylife.”

The family’s hands are certainly full, as well as Indy they have two dogs, a pig, tortoise, fish, guinea pig and a cat.