‘Infuse’ team get down to business

Move over Alan Sugar! The pupils of New-Bridge Integrated College have proved they have got what it takes to become proper little entrepreneurs.

Their Young Enterprise (YE) company ‘Infuse’ is made up of 15 enthusiastic Year 13 pupils, who sell ‘Fruit Infused Water Bottles,’ and recently won ‘Best Overall Company’ at St George’s Market 2016.

The team have been marketing their product to promote the school’s healthy eating policy and their company ‘Infuse’ was officially launched last month, with their ‘fruit infuser’ bottles selling well in the College

At St George’s Market, they were competing amongst 89 other YE companies and the team are delighted with their recent achievement.

Abigail Bittle, Industry Links Co-co-ordinator described the team as “superb.”

She said: “They are a great bunch of young people and their enthusiasm is infectious. I am so proud of them.”

Their product sold out in just three hours in the Teenage Market in Banbridge recently and in-house sales for their ‘Fruit Infused Water Bottles’ are going really well, proving popular with both students and staff.

They are selling the remainder of this year’s innovative product design for 2016 ‘Fruit Infuse Water Bottles’ each day this week.

As dehydration can lead to poor attention span and lethargy, students are encouraged to hydrate regularly throughout the school day, with filtered water being available for free in school.

‘Fruit Infuse Bottles’ come with many health benefits and can be used with or without fruit, depending on taste.

They are not only kind to the environment but they can be used again and again and tie in with both the Healthy School and Eco School policies.

Anyone who would like to buy one of these ‘must haves’ for Christmas Stockings this year and therefore to avoid disappointment, you are asked to support the young entrepreneurs and buy your infuse bottle this week.

You can buy them for £7 each or take up on their offer by buying two for £13.

To mark Entrepreneurship Week ‘Infuse’ attended Banbridge ‘Night of Ambition’ along with Mrs Bittle, Mrs Harbinson their business advisor Michael Young (The Vault) to take part in a workshop and hear some inspirational speakers.

Limited edition ‘Infuse Fruit Infuser’ bottles are currently on sale in the College.