Dromore High hosts nutrition workshop

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The Livestock and Meat Commission for Northern Ireland (LMC) hosted its very first practical workshop for Food and Nutrition teachers at Dromore High School recently.

LMC hosted the workshop in conjunction with the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) in a bid to help develop the confidence and skills of Food and Nutrition teachers when working with Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured beef and lamb.

During the workshop, teachers were given the opportunity to cook a number of recipes relevant for all Key Stages but particularly for the new GCSE Home Economics: Food and Nutrition syllabus.

Jenna Wilson, head of Food and Nutrition at Dromore High thanked the Commission for attending the school and said: “LMC supports our school annually with informative and enjoyable cookery demonstrations and both organisations have produced excellent resources used to inform our lesson planning. Being able to avail of this practical expertise to support professional development has been invaluable.”