90-year-old woman has her purse stolen by ‘pickpocket’

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A 90-year-old woman has had her purse stolen during a pickpocket style theft in Banbridge.

On Monday, December 12 at approximately 1.00pm police received the report of a lady’s purse being stolen whilst shopping in a commercial premises located on Newry Street in the Banbridge area.

It is understood the victim who is 90 was out doing some Christmas shopping when the incident occurred.

PSNI Banbridge posted a warning to all shoppers on their Facebook page, they said: “In recent days we have had a number of purses and handbags stolen across the ABC area. Some have been from persons whilst out shopping who were unaware until later, some have been of handbags that were left by employees under counters in shops.

“During this time of year, retail premises are busy and criminals mix in with crowds, brushing past unsuspecting victims whilst dipping hands into handbags.

“Look after your property. Don’t make it easy for them.”