Aim to see Upper Bann cancer deaths reduced

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Upper Bann MP David Simpson has met with Cancer Research UK to drill down on the impact of cancer in the local Trust area.

The proactive approach from Mr Simpson was driven by the number of constituents he meets everyday who discuss the devastating circumstances families face due to cancer.

Figures reveal there are 730 cancer deaths in the Southern Trust area each year.

“Cancer is a word we all hear everyday and sadly something no family has been able to escape,” said Mr Simpson.

“Around 1,600 cancer cases are presented to our Trust every year. The one year survival rate is 65%. This is above the Northern Ireland average and the Southern Trust must be praised for their efforts along with recent figures stating patients wait no longer than nine (or 13 weeks where necessary) for a diagnostic test for all suspicious diseases, including cancer, again hitting above average targets.

“Cancer patients treated in the Southern Trust receive their first treatment within one month of diagnosis.

“Meeting these targets is hugely important but there is still an immense amount of work to be done and I will continue to champion the need for support and prevention, my focus is to see cancer deaths reduced.”