Alarm over number of assaults


Upper Bann MLA Sydney Anderson, has expressed alarm in relation to the number of incidents of violence and sexual offences taking place in Upper Bann.

Between the months of September 2014 and September 2015 there were 2,778 such incidents reported to the PSNI, with 412 such incidents reported to police in Banbridge.

Mr Anderson said: “I am greatly alarmed to learn of the severely high number of incidents of violence and sexual assaults that have been reported to the PSNI over a twelve month period.

“Figures such as this cannot be swept under the carpet and the community as a whole has a role to play in doing all we can to reduce the level of violent and sexual offences that are occurring in the local area.

“The soaring level of such incidents is putting severe pressure on not only our local policing provision but also on our A&E departments as doctors have to deal with the injuries inflicted.

“The high level of these offences that are taking place within the Upper Bann constituency is inflicting lasting and real damage on the local area and we cannot afford to simply turn a blind eye.

“It is vital that the community as a whole unite together to fight these problems head on. In particular the PSNI, the new ABC Policing and Community Safety Partnership, local community groups and local neighbourhood watch organisations have an important duty to challenge such incidents that are taking place.

“I would urge anyone with any information on such incidents to contact the PSNI.

“I am committed to working with all statutory agencies and I now intend to meet the PSNI locally in the coming weeks to discuss these matters.”