A DROMARA woman with a keen interest in village history has unearthed records of events from its recent past among old family cine films.

Anne Morrow, a lifelong Dromara resident, discovered film footage of the July 12 demonstration in the village in 1975, a smaller Loyal Orders parade that same year and Boys' and Girls' Brigade marches she believes took place around 1973.

Featuring a host of local faces, the film was of great interest to Anne, who devotes much of her spare time to hunting down old photographs of Dromara and its people.

"I've always had a personal interest just in the history of the village and the villagers," she said, "and I like old photographs."

Anne describes her collection as being a fair size, and it's still growing as she continues to track down pictures.

"Usually I do it just by talking to older people and asking if they have any old pictures," she said. "Then I borrow them and photocopy them."

One of Anne's oldest images features one of the very first buses operated in the area by Michael O'Reilly in the days before the advent of Ulster Transport, dating perhaps as far back as the 1920s.

Anne also occasionally, when time permits, satisfies her hunger for local history by going along to a meeting of the local historical group.

It was only when Anne took her recently discovered film reels to be professionally copied that she realised others might be interested in her find.

With that in mind Anne is having a number of DVDs made and if anyone is interested in purchasing their own copy of the footage they can do so, at a cost of 5 each (plus post and packaging) by contacting Anne on 077 020 52 907.