Annual Academy prize night sees celebrations of students’ success

Banbridge Academy recently held it’s annual Prize Day at Holy Trinity Parish Church.

The school’s principal, Mr McLoughlin, welcomed everyone to the event, including former Principal Mr Pollock, and Guest of Honour, Professor David Jones, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Queen’s University Belfast.

The Year 11 prizewinners pictured at Banbridge Academy Prize Day.  Edward Byrne Photography INB1644-218EB

The Year 11 prizewinners pictured at Banbridge Academy Prize Day. Edward Byrne Photography INB1644-218EB

Mr McLoughlin welcomed new staff to the school, and paid tribute to those who had left during the year.

He also praised the staff and pupils for their hard work throughout the year, and made particular note of the school’s excellent exam results. “Once again the results this year in August reflected the tremendous hard work of pupils, staff and parents,” he said. “I firmly believe statistics do not tell the whole story about the progression of pupils through the School but they do provide an indication of the phenomenal success of our young people.

Our best ever GCSE results – 62.2% of all entries resulted in the top grades A*/A, and when B Grades are included this figure rises to 85.8%. The remarkable results ensured that 74 pupils achieved 8 A*-A grades or better and a third of the year group achieved 9 A*-A grades or better. Amazingly, 17 pupils achieved 9 or 10A* grades.

“Remarkably, 88 pupils, almost half the year group, achieved 7 A*-A grades or better. Also 96.7%, of pupils achieved 7A* - C grades including English and Mathematics, 4.6% higher than the NI Grammar School average last year.

“At AS Level the pass rate of 97.2% ranks with the best ever achieved by our Year 13 pupils, providing an excellent foundation on which to build for A Level success in 2017. 38 pupils attained three A grades or better and 18 pupils attained 4 A grades or better. “At A Level the results continue to impress. Year on year they are higher than the NI Grammar School average and 78% of pupils achieved three grades A*- C.

“I am certain that we will continue to provide an outstanding education for our pupils, ensuring that they become confident young adults who are lifelong learners, equipped with the essential knowledge, skills and capabilities to allow them to take their place as leaders of our society and economy.”