Anti-social behaviour and speeding concerns

Meeting at Seapatrick
Meeting at Seapatrick

Concerns of speeding traffic, anti social behaviour and Housing Executive worries were just a few of the topics discussed during a meeting of the Seapatrick Community Association, held at St. Patrick’s Village Hall, last Friday.

Members of the group spoke of their grave concerns of speeding traffic going through the village and heard of one incident in which a car was spotted travelling so fast it was unable to stop in time, before it mounted a kerb then ran over a bin.

‘Great to see the hall filled with people who are standing up for Seapatrick’

There was a call for more signage to be erected to stop such incidents from taking place and slow down traffic.

One resident speaking after the meeting complained that motorists were travelling too fast and not noticing the signs in time to slow down.

”The signs are clearly not visible enough and the traffic cannot slow down quickly enough,” he said.

He said the following day, as he was driving through the village on Saturday morning he spotted police in the area.

It was also heard there was a problem of anti social behaviour in the village. Youths were accused of running through residents gardens and causing damage to urns at the local graveyard.

There was also a call to meet officials of the Housing Executive over concerns of the point system.

Mrs Dobson said after the meeting: “It was great to see the Village Hall filled with people who are standing up for Seapatrick and I commend the members of the Association and residents for all that they are doing to take a continued pride in their village.

“However, it is very clear that that commitment must be matched by the statutory bodies and I have raised a considerable number of issues which need to be addressed with them in writing both before and following the meeting.

“I would also like to thank PSNI Sgt Billy Stewart for agreeing to join us at the meeting and for addressing many of the concerns raised by residents.

“We plan to arrange for a representative of the Housing Executive to address Association in the coming weeks.”