Banbridge is no ‘poor cousin’ says Mayor

Lord Mayor Darryn Causby.
Lord Mayor Darryn Causby.

By Debbie McKelvey


DUP man Mr Causby is no stranger to the area with family relations in Dromore, but he has been taking time out to get to know the Banbridge region better.

“I will be making a conscious effort to ensure I am in Banbridge as often as I can,” he said, and he has already visited a number of schools and events. “There are some of the more rural areas I don’t know as well, but I know the councillors there won’t let me forget them, nor is it my intention to forget them.”

Mr Causby emphasized that Banbridge is an extremely important part of the council, and this has been acknowledged by Banbridge being home to the new planning team.

“This could bring up to 45 members of staff, so that’s jobs for Banbridge and helpful for the economy.

“Also one of our first business conferences took place in Banbridge in the Iveagh and it’s our way of saying Banbridge is important.”

He may now be the man with the chain, but Mr Causby believes in staying grounded.

“I never dreamed of being appointed mayor,” he said. “So I was very humbled, but it’s also a proud experience to be able to say you have been appointed the first Lord Mayor of the ACBC council.

“I feel you should remain humble though and just work away in the background. I don’t do what I do just for people to say I have done a good job – I do it because people come to me in need and wanting help, so I’ll work away for them.

“If I did get above my station though, I can assure you, my mother would take me by the ear and very quickly point it out to me,” he joked.

It is this close-knit family, along with a strong faith and a love of people that keep Mr Causby on track.

“I live with my sister and a young nephew who keeps me on my toes,” he said. His father and mother, who live just around the corner, are always available for a chat at their kitchen table.

A member of the Elim church, Mr Causby said: “The principles of my faith are important to me in how I show respect to people, and how I work with people. There are things I will do this year as Lord Mayor that I wouldn’t necessarily normally do, but I am Lord Mayor for everyone and everyone deserves to be represented.”

Leaving school with just two GCSEs, Mr Causby’s heart was set on going into youth work, but as he didn’t have enough qualifications he trained as a chef. His passion for youth work never left him though and after becoming involved with Portadown YMCA, where he still volunteers, he eventually went to university, leaving with a degree in Community Youth Work.

He was up for election within a year of joining the DUP and become a councillor in 2011 at 25.

“I grew up in area I was elected in, worked in that area, and volunteered there - I just lived in the community and still do.”

The Mayor’s charities for this year are Helping Hands, NI Cancer Fund for Children and Daisy Lodge Cancer Centre for Children but says he will also be working with some of the local fundraisers in Banbridge, such as the McKee family and their efforts for Children’s Heartbeat Trust, Donard Special School, the local ME/Fibromyalgia Support Group and Banbridge Lions and hopes to catch Sir Alex Ferguson later in August to sign football shirts for charity.

He added: “I am more than happy to meet with any Banbridge groups needing support”. To book the Lord Mayor, contact his office on 028 3752 9633.