Brave Elsa returns home after a traumatic few weeks

Elsa McBurney got the green light to come back to Northern Ireland, before she made the journey she enjoyed a day at Cadbury World.
Elsa McBurney got the green light to come back to Northern Ireland, before she made the journey she enjoyed a day at Cadbury World.

After a difficult and traumatic few weeks for brave Elsa McBurney and her family, the seven-year-old is finally back home.

She’s undergone surgery, battled with pneumonia and suffered a tear of her lung but the resilient Banbridge girl was given the green light to return to Northern Ireland yesterday.

The Abercorn Primary School pupil had travelled to the Birmingham Royal Orthopaedic Hospital with her family for the next stage in her cancer treatment.

She suffered medical complications after having spinal surgery and reconstruction, she also suffered a tear of her lung, was treated for pneumonia and had surgery to drain her lung.

Posting on the Team Elsa Facebook page, her mum Leslie was pleased to announce that her incredibly brave daughter was able to leave hospital in England and travel home.

Leslie said: “She’s battered, bruised and scarred, we are tired, emotionally drained even. But we are homeward bound.

“It has honestly been the hardest most gruelling few weeks of our journey so far, surgery is tough anyway but being so far from home when so much was going wrong was absolutely terrifying.

“We were looked after very well over here and met some lovely people but I literally cannot wait to get back on home soil with the rest of the team and let Elsa continue her recovery from surgery at home.

“She has had a great few days, despite being tired and uncomfortable her neutrofils haven’t been better since our journey began so we were able to eat out, go on day trips and make a little bit of a holiday out of it. A small silver lining.”

Before she left, Elsa received a well deserved treat visiting Cadbury World and the Sea Life Centre. With Elsa not being fit to fly, the family travelled by car to Liverpool before getting the boat to Belfast.

In a week that Elsa should be starting her next stage of primary school, instead she’ll be beginning the next stage of her treatment as she undergoes further chemotherapy.

Leslie added: “The good bloods will be short lived as Elsa’s chemotherapy will be restarted at the beginning of the week. This week will also hold our pathology results that we still haven’t received so please pray for good news.

“Thank you all for the massive amount of support we have received, it has been amazing.”

A go-fundme page has been set up with the total standing at over £15k to donate visit