Buckfast theft results in a chase around duck pond

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A man who stole two bottles of Buckfast was caught drinking them in Wallace Park, Lisburn – leading to police chasing him around the duck pond.

Members of the CityWatch CCTV Team received a report that a male had stolen two bottles of Buckfast from an off-licence in Lisburn city centre.

A spokesperson said: “We got to work reviewing the CCTV footage and with the male’s description and help from our CityWatch Radio Link members; we soon located the male sunning himself in Wallace Park while swigging on one of the stolen bottles of Bucky.

“By chance, Lisburn’s finest burglary team members just happened to be driving past the area and they were tasked to the male and on seeing police a brief chase round the duck pond ended in carnage with a bottle of Buckfast being smashed.

“The thirsty male was arrested for theft and criminal damage.”

They added: “Thanks to the staff at Wallace Park, the broken glass bottle has been cleaned up.”