Build a statue of Ziggy to keep Nick Faldo company

Eight very important people recently came to Fermanagh for a mini-break. They wanted to talk about how best to keep the world moving.

Ironically while they were doing that the world around Fermanagh had to stop. I doubt if the world will be any better or worse for the G8 circus but Fermanagh in particular and Northern Ireland in general should see benefits.

The event produced so many beautiful images. If colour and pleasure had smells they would have smelt like Northern Ireland.

The Lough Erne resort where the G8 leaders stayed is an impressive spot.

There is a statue of Nick Faldo the golfing hero who designed the resort’s golf course. That statue looks lonely.

I think there should be another one. It should be a statue of Ziggy Norton. Ziggy was the unlikely hero of the G8. Ziggy came to Fermanagh as a protestor.

He was interviewed before the leaders arrived in Fermanagh and he commented that even though everybody was armed to the teeth they were surprisingly polite. He was as dishevelled and determined looking as protestors typically are.

A couple of days later he was every bit as dishevelled but he had become the most smiley protestor ever. He said he had updated his Facebook status to “traumatised by hospitality”.

Surely no one can ever have captured the essence of Northern Ireland as well as that. Ziggy is a hero and there should be a statue in his honour with his three key words inscribed on the plinth.

Everyone was struck by how peacefully the G8 passed off. Few people seem to have picked up on what must have been frightening incidents for Michelle Obama and her two daughters.

The First family took themselves south of the border and had lunch with Bono. If that wasn’t unpleasant enough the BBC reporter Shane Harrison revealed that when they visited Glendalough in County Wicklow they were “battling midgets”.

Where were the Secret Service when that was going on? Maybe they had been put by sleep by Bono.