Brookfield resident’s heating concerns

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A Brookfield Meadows resident has claimed she has been left no heating or hot water for weeks as Helm Housing failed to fix a broken gas boiler.

But the housing organisation has denied the allegation, saying all reports of broken boilers are responded to within 24 hours and all boilers in the estate are in full working order.

The resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims engineers sent out to fix the boiler had done more harm than good.

She said: “I’ve been left with no heating and no hot water.

“I have no immersion heater as everything is linked to the gas.

“The gas boiler is always breaking. They’ve been out to see it three times.

“The first man did nothing and said he needed a part. The second man only made it worse.

“He left it with water running out of the boiler. It’s still not fixed.

“The third man fixed the second’s mistakes but said the part still hadn’t come.”

The resident said the gas boiler is not the only problem she had faced.

She said: “There have been major problems with the houses in this estate since I moved in five years ago. The gas boilers and the plumbing have caused the most bother.

“There is a smell of sewage throughout the house and I’m fed up.”

The resident claims meetings have been held between the residents of Brookfield Meadows and Helm Housing but that no improvements have came about following these.

She said: “The maintenance man who Helm Housing have dealing with the gas boilers told us we can top the boilers up ourselves despite saying the engineers weren’t qualified to do that.

“There are people with young children living here who can’t do without hot water and heating. It’s just not on.” Helm Housing were contacted for comment and refuted the claims.

A spokesperson for Helm Housing said: “All boilers in Brookfield Meadows are in full working order.

“If a tenant has an issue with a boiler we will respond within a 24 hour period.”

Brookfield Meadows is a social housing estate run by Helms Housing.

Helm Housing is one of the largest associations in Northern Ireland and has been a registered Housing Association in Northern Ireland with charitable status since 1975.

Previous complaints about living conditions were made against Helm Housing in 2011 by tenants in Belfast