UDR book launched

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Ulster Unionist MLA Jo-Anne Dobson has encouraged Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR) veterans to engage with the Regimental Association to help with a new book they are compiling on the history of the Regiment.

At the launch of the Legacy Book Project Mrs Dobson said: “This launch marked the first chapter in a book which has been lived by so many brave men and women, but as yet, remains unwritten.

“Recording our history is absolutely vital before others attempt to re-write it. The men and women of the UDR protected NI throughout the most brutal period in our history, and its right their experiences are recorded.

“It has become popular for some to airbrush out periods of our history or to misrepresent them.

“The Regimental Association of the UDR CGC are commissioning a book to record that service and sacrifice of the Regiments 22 year operational history.

“They are asking for veterans to come forward and I would be happy to put anyone in touch with the Secretary of the Association and the book’s author.”