Call for action on road at Donacloney


The road surface in the Riverdale Crescent area just outside Donacloney is not fit for purpose.

That’s according to DUP pair MLA Carla Lockhart and party colleague Councillor Mark Baxter who visited the area and inspected the road surface following complaints from residents.

Speaking on the matter they said, “The surface on this road is not acceptable and we will be writing to the Department to ensure it is prioritised.

“Too often roads are left to get into an even worse state before they are remedied and we want to ensure that this does not happen here.”

They continued, “We want to ensure that all of the villages we represent have good access roads for motorists and cyclists alike.

“This surface is not up to the required standard particularly as it is a residential area and children are riding their bikes here.

“We will continue to lobby for our constituents in areas where a need is identified.”