Call for mural repairs in Gilford

Sydney Anderson MLA at the Gilford murals, which are badly in need of repair.
Sydney Anderson MLA at the Gilford murals, which are badly in need of repair.

Gilford Concerned Residents’ Group has enlisted the support of local MLA Sydney Anderson concerning the surrounds of the murals depicting Gilford in bygone days situated in the village.

Group Chairman Timothy Mayes told how the murals were inserted at derelict properties to enhance the visual ambience of the village and were quite successful in doing so.

At the time they were inserted Gilford Concerned Residents’ Group made the point that there was no contingency plan in place for carrying out maintenance work on the mural surrounds.

Sadly, say the group, the situation that currently stands is that the surrounds have now deteriorated and are unsightly.

Mr Mayes said: “Notably, the village is due to be entered by the Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Council in a number of upcoming competitions. Given the fact that increased floral displays will be in place this year it is vitally important that this issue over the murals be addressed as a matter of urgency.”

Sydney Anderson MLA visited the village and has examined the mural surrounds which are quite clearly coming apart.

Mr Anderson said: “It is unfortunate that these mural surrounds have deteriorated in such a severe way in a short space of time. With the state they are in now they can be described as nothing more than eyesores.

“I understand one of the Gilford Concerned Groups had some money which they were prepared to put towards temporary repairs, but the costs involved prohibited them from proceeding.”

He continued: “I will now try to lobby the ABC Council to see if these mural surrounds can be repaired temporarily and I will then press for a much needed long-term solution. My colleague Cllr Jonathan Buckley will be assisting as we attempt to deal with the issue.

“I pledge to do everything in my power to ensure Gilford continues to move forward. It is my aim to work with the residents’ groups, the other community groups in the village, Gilford Forum and the ABC Council to ensure that this matter is resolved.”