A DROMORE woman has launched a 'Slimming World' group in town after her own life was changed by the weight-loss plan.

Caroline Gilmore herself went on to become a Slimming World consultant after dropping two dress sizes on the plan, regaining her energy and confidence into the bargain.

Caroline's group, Slimming World's 100th, met for the first time in Dromore Cathedral Hall, Lurgan Road, at 7pm on Monday (October 13).

The local woman explained that she had always struggled with her weight, but after each of her pregnancies, due to comfort eating, she gained additional weight and lost her self-esteem, feeling annoyed and frustrated for letting it happen.

A fashion-lover, her weight gain saw her lose her desire to go shopping, as styles she would have liked to wear no longer suited her shape.

Caroline tried and tested every other slimming method available, attended slimming classes and tried hypnotism and acupuncture, all with no success.

Taking stock of the money she had spent, she decided it was time to explore the most cost-effective method for her to lose her excess weight and it was then she discovered an enticing offer to join Slimming World, which would not only suit her weekly shopping budget but boasted plans and menus suitable for all the family.

She felt she and her family would not be deprived of their favourite foods, burgers, chips, big bowls of pasta and weekend fry-ups among them.

It was a life-changing experience for Caroline, who couldn't believe how much food she could eat; she didn't feel guilty or hungry due to the "fabulous" meal ideas provided at her class and she was able to continue eating out socially whilst doing the plan with an element of flexibility.

Her consultant was so friendly and encouraging, she said, that she could choose her own personal target and her weight was never disclosed. The support group was amazing; there was never any humiliation, but best of all was her success in dropping two dress sizes by losing weight steadily from the very first week.

Due to a back injury her weight remained the same for several weeks, but with the help and motivation of her consultant she got back onto the road to success, having realised she was only human and everyone had setbacks that could be overcome.

Caroline now has more energy and self-confidence and feels less guilty with food; she wants others to enjoy and embrace life, she says, because she knows how much Slimming World changed her life for the first time ever and she is confident she will be able to maintain her target on this "wonderful" plan, while her drop in dress sizes has had an immediate and huge impact on her finances.