Cat from Cairo is missing in Lisburn

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A woman who rescued a cat from the streets of Cairo is growing concerned for its safety after it hasn’t been seen for four weeks.

Apricot coloured ‘Sam’ was last seen on the Moira Road, Lisburn on Saturday, July 13. Owner Jill is worried that the cat may have been taken along with a number of other cats that have gone missing in the area around that time.

The map of missing cats in Newry.

The map of missing cats in Newry.

Sam was adopted by Jill shortly before Christmas 2015 after he was rescued in Cairo by a local charity.

He has become an important member of the family and they are desperate to get him back.

Jill read on a Facebook page how a large number of cats have gone missing in the Newry area where malicious behaviour is suspected.

She now believes that something similar could have happened in the Lisburn area.

Jill said: “I thought he’d be back in hour, give him a chance, but no. I’ve done everything. He’s neutered and micro-chipped, I’ve been running halfway round the country seeing if I can find him.

“An organisation put a map online to say Moira has had a swoop of missing cats, then they might move on to another area and do another swoop.

“It is getting very concerning because when my Sam went missing, there was loads of cats missing in Lisburn, he wasn’t on his own. I thought my goodness look how many other cats are missing.

“It is just very concerning, they are going around and lifting cats obviously. “I want to warn people, I know people will say that cats go missing all the time but not so many in one go.”