Collisions prompt police warning

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Photographs of one of two serious road traffic collisions that occurred in the area on Wednesday, December 17 have been published by police in Banbridge, in an appeal to road users to be more careful when driving.

Permission was granted by the family concerned to show just how easily a life can be turned upside down in split seconds on our roads.

“This was the second of two serious road traffic collisions that occurred in the Banbridge area last night within a short time of each other. Thankfully this one resulted in minor injuries and no fatalities,” said the PSNI statement.

“This time of year we see an increase in collisions. The cause could be anything from not paying attention to the road conditions or weather, careless behaviour, lack of concentration while driving, consumption of drugs or alcohol and also rushing about to get the last of the Christmas presents.

“Can we ask everyone to have a safe Christmas on the roads by paying attention and keep the speed down.”

Paying tribute to the emergency services Jade Hunter said: “This was my family. A big thank you to all emergency services - you did an amazing job. Three family members are home sore but well and my aunt is still in hospital but recovering.”

Meanwhile four casualties had to be cut from their vehicle by firefighters in second road traffic collision that night which involved an articulated lorry and a car on the Loughbrickland Road, Guilford.

The four were taken to hospital by ambulance following the incident, which fire crews from Banbridge, Lurgan and Portadown stations attended.