THE Cairns Crossroads campaign is stepping up a gear with a call for Regional Development Minister Conor Murphy to come and see for himself how dangerous the Kinallen junction actually is.

The call comes from the DUP's Jeffrey Donaldson and Edwin Poots, who are unhappy with the work Roads Service has so far undertaken at the accident blackspot.

Mr. Paul Stewart, personal assistant to the two, said, "We are currently not happy with the minimum work that the Roads Service has carried out at the junction.

"The community knows how dangerous this junction is; we want to ensure the minister is aware of our concerns about this particular junction, before someone is seriously hurt.

"We will be calling on the minister to make a personal visit to the junction, so he can see for himself how dangerous it is."

Campaigners pledged late last year to keep pressing for major improvements at Cairns Crossroads, even as they waited to assess the benefits of minor works to upgrade road markings and warning signs, works secured, they believed, by a petition raised in the area in previous weeks.

Roads Service also undertook to resurface the road as quickly as possible when finances became available - relevant resources being fully committed, it said, for the current financial year - and would thereafter continue to monitor the location and implement further safety improvements as necessary.

However, campaigners continued to argue the necessity of a junction realignment scheme Roads Service itself had earlier identified as a possible benefit; a scheme the agency said did not rank highly - compared to other potential schemes - for inclusion in its works programme.

At the time Mr. Stewart welcomed the measures undertaken as being unusually extensive, but insisted they fell short of a long-term solution and, in waiting to see how the situation would be improved, they would continue, he said, to press for larger-scale works.

Having since concluded that works to date were insufficient, Mr. Donaldson and Mr. Poots recently met with Mr. Murphy to discuss the notorious junction.

Having now called on the minister to visit the crossroads, the two have pledged to keep the community informed of any progress made.