Could police be cruising the streets in ‘The Crim Reaper’?

PSNI Banbridge have a new car, but what should they call it?
PSNI Banbridge have a new car, but what should they call it?

Members of the public are being asked to help Banbridge PSNI name their new police car.

A picture of the new vehicle was posted on the PSNI Banbridge Facebook page earlier this week, accompanied by the message: “We got a new car, I can’t remember the last time we got a new one and not a hand me down. What shall we name it?”

The post finishes with the hashtag “#NotBoatyMcBoatFace” - a reference to the name favoured by online voters for a new research ship to be used by the British Antarctic Survey.

Dozens of people have responded to PSNI Banbridge with suggestions of what they should name the new car.

Many of the suggested names are inspired by the car’s crime-fighting purpose, while others take inspiration from the festive season.

There have also been several cheeky and irreverent suggestions from people who clearly aren’t big fans of the police.

Responding to the suggestions, a PSNI spokesperson posted: “Ok so my favourites are: 1. Karma1, 2. Dasher, 3. The Crim Reaper, 4. The Equaliser, 5. Fitz Undercut

“Please vote for your favourites. Votes do count, but I’ll still pick which is my own favourite, just because I can :) My opinion may be swayed by your votes though.”