Council festivals funding on offer


Banbridge District Council has announced a small programme of funding for community and voluntary groups who wish to seek financial support to organise an event with a view to strengthening community relations.

This funding tranche will apply to events taking place between February 1 and March 31.

The Community Festival Fund is available to support a range of events organised by constituted community groups provided they are held within the district and promote social cohesion and inclusion, equality of opportunity and good relations. Events should also promote a positive image of the district as well as increase visitor numbers to the area.

To be eligible community groups must demonstrate evidence of their ability to part fund the event with a view to becoming self-sustaining and no other Government funding is helping to support the event. Please note groups who have already received funding during this period cannot reapply.

Application forms and guidance notes can be obtained from Banbridge District Council Civic Building. Alternatively these can be downloaded from the Council website at