Aggressive man tried to headbutt police


While police were trying to help a 23-year-old man he became aggressive towards them and tried to head-butt an officer.

And on his way to the police station he attempted to kick the constable who was driving the car.

At a previous sitting of Banbridge Magistrates Court Aiden McCartan, Edenderry Park, Banbridge, admitted two assaults on police and criminal damage to a police cell on March 4 this year.

The case was adjourned until last Thursday’s court so that a pre-sentence report could be obtained.

A prosecutor said that at 1.35am police went to an address in Gilford and the defendant answered the door.

There were cuts to his face and he said he was feeling depressed.

McCartan agreed to go to hospital but when he came out of the property he started shouting that he was not going to hospital and attempted to head-butt an officer.

He was arrested for assault and while on the way to custody he kicked out at the officer who was driving.

While in custody McCartan urinated in a police cell.

It cost around £45 to clean the cell.

A solicitor representing the defendant said he was a young man ‘not without his difficulties.’

She added that when his life spiralled out of control he became addicted to alcohol and drugs.

She explained that he had moved to Gilford to gain some independence but he was harassed by paramilitaries because of his religious background.

What happened on the night in question, she added, was a plea for help.

McCartan realised his behaviour was completely unacceptable and would offer his apology to police.

The solicitor said he was trying to address his issues and there was a recommendation for probation in the pre-sentence report.

District Judge, Mr Paul Copeland, said that a probation order would be appropriate and imposed a 12 month order with the condition McCartan participated actively in the alcohol and drug treatment programme.

He also ordered him to pay £45 compensation for the damage to the police cell.