Animal medication worth £11,000 stolen from veterinary clinic

Lurgan Vet Clinic.
Lurgan Vet Clinic.

Police are investigating the theft of £11,000 worth of vaccines and medication from Lurgan Vet Clinic.

The theft happened on Friday last and was one of a number on the Banbridge Road.

CCTV shows a light coloured transit pull up about 4.40am from the Waringstown direction.

Less than four minutes later the thieves left towards Lurgan with over £11,000 worth of medication and vaccines.

Police said two people were seen in hoods and gloves.

On the same day a farm yard near the Hall Road junction was targeted.

A generator, angle grinder and a rotavator were stolen. The generator took at least two people to carry.

The road works at the Hall Road were also hit.

A rock breaker digger attachment, a vibrating plate, and a digger grab were all taken.

The rock breaker is said to weigh about 400kg so police suspect it would have taken a ‘gang effort’ to lift it.

Police are appealing for information.

They are asking for anyone who may have been driving along the Banbridge Road in the early hours of Friday morning who may have noticed anything suspicious to come forward. A spokesman said: “If you have a dash camera, take a few minutes and review your footage. Did you see any vehicles at the road works or at a farm nearby in the wee small hours? If so, give police a call.”

They also asked anyone offered any of the stolen items, or see similar on offer, to call police.

In an appeal to farmers they said: “Someone will be offered large animal vaccines for ridiculously low prices. BEWARE. These should be refrigerated. Their life span out of the fridge is only a couple of hours. Far from help your live stock at a cut price, they could do them damage. There’s people out there with contempt for the vets livelihood. By offering you dud vaccines, they’re showing the same contempt for you.”