Banbridge man said he had tablets to help him sleep

A Banbridge man caught in possession of Class c drug Diazepam, told police he was given the tablets by a friend to help him sleep better.

Jason Roy Wilson (33) appeared before the local court last week when he was fined £75 and a £15 offender’s levy.

The offence was detected on 1 November last when police on mobile patrol stopped and searched Wilson on the Ballygowan Road in Banbridge.

Two tablets were found in his tracksuit bottoms pocket. He said he thought they were herbal sleeping tablets. He admitted having no prescription for them.

Solicitor Mr Gillen said his client was now single having come out of a four year relationship.

He explained that following the end of that relationship, his client also lost his job and as a result suffered depression.

“He was drinking heavily too and took a friend up on an offer of something he thought was herbal medication.”

Deputy District Judge Mr McEvoy said, “You obviously should have known not to self medicate given your previous record.”