Broke window to get keys


When he left his keys and phone in a house a 20-year-old man broke a window in an attempt to retrieve the items.

Keelim Paul Savage, Reilly Park, Banbridge, admitted a charge of criminal damage when he appeared last Thursday at the local magistrates’ court. He was fined £100 and ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy.

The injured party reported to police on February 15 this year that her front window had been smashed the previous day.

She suspected it was the defendant who was responsible. Her daughter was in a relationship with him and there had been a disagreement.

Another witness saw Savage in and around the property. When interviewed by police he admitted breaking the window to get in to get some of his belongings. It cost £95 to repair the window.

A solicitor representing the defendant he had left his keys and phone in the property and had foolishly broken the window.

She added that Savage had made restitution for the damage and was ‘extremely embarrassed and sorry’ for this incident.