‘Can I have that in writing’ judge tells drugs promise man

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When police noticed a strong smell of cannabis coming from a car a 25-year-old man handed over an amount of the drug to them.

Padraig Kearns, Millvale Close, Annaclone, Banbridge, was fined £250 last Thursday at the local court for unlawful possession of cannabis on January 15 this year.

The court heard he was stopped at 9.40pm while driving in Laurencetown.

Police could smell a strong smell of cannabis from the car and Kearns handed over a small piece which had been in the central console.

A solicitor representing the defendant said this cannabis had been lying in the car and he made the silly decision to use it.

Deputy District Judge Trevor Browne said Kearns had a very bad habit but it had been four years since his last offence.

From the public gallery Kearns said: “It will be the last.” Judge Browne replied: “It’s good to hear that. Can I have it in writing?”