Carved grafitti into Pigeon Club door

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A man caught carving letters into a phone box and a door has been given a conditional discharge.

Razvan Mican (25), of Royal Mews, Dunmurry admitted two charges of criminal damage, which occurred on October 9.

The court heard that the city’s CCTV team had spotted a male causing damage to a phone box and the door of Lisburn Pigeon Club.

The defendant had carved letters into the door of the club and the phone box, the court was told.

A member of the prosecution said the cost of repairing the phone box was £175. No figure had been provided for the cost of the damage to the door of the Pigeon Club.

A defending solicitor told Antrim Magistrates Court that the offence had been motivated by alcohol.

Defence said: “He works as a care assistant and is extremely fearful of his employment prospects (as a result of this).”

District Judge Rosie Watters described the incident as “stupid really”, she imposed a conditional discharge for two years and ordered he pay the £175 compensation for the damaged phone box.