Crashed car after ‘baby coming’ call

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When he got a message from his pregnant wife that their child might be on its way a 45-year-old man jumped into the wrong car and struck a parked vehicle in his rush to get to her.

Marcus Stephen McCreedy, Ballygowan Park, Banbridge, admitted driving without due care and attention on November 6 last year.

He also admitted that he was driving without insurance on the same date.

The court heard that a damage only road traffic accident happened at Reilly Street in Banbridge.

The owner of a vehicle said she had parked it outside her house about 5pm and she discovered at 7.30pm that significant damage had been caused to the car which had been pushed down the street.

A witness told police that the defendant had stopped and said that he was driving down to Dublin where his wife was in hospital.

McCreedy was contrite and apologetic and said he had misjudged a manoeuvre. He had paid £1,175 to cover the damage.

Police discovered that he was not covered by insurance to drive the vehicle he was in and the defendant told them he had jumped into the wrong vehicle.

A solicitor representing McCreedy said his client’s wife was pregnant at the time and he received a call from her and believed their child was on its way.

He explained he had two cars, one of which he was selling. The solicitor said the accident was due to a momentary lapse of concentration and although his client had a record it was of some vintage.

He added that McCreedy was of impeccable character and if he lost his licence it would cause hardship. He worked as a bus driver.

Deputy District Judge Trevor Browne said it was fortunate nobody was sitting in the vehicle but the defendant had panicked after receiving the news about his wife.

He imposed fines totalling £100 and gave the defendant six points.