Did not know she had hit another car

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When she reversed into another car a 58-year-old woman did not realise she had caused an accident.

Anne Johnston, Rathfriland Road, Annaclone, was fined £50 last Thursday at Banbridge Court for driving without due care and attention on May 31 last year.

She was also given three points and ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy.

The court heard that a woman reported to police that her vehicle had been damaged by another car at the Ballydown Filling Station on the Castlewellan Road, Banbridge.

CCTV showed the defendant reversing into the other car and causing damage to the front bumper. When spoken to the defendant said she didn’t realise there had been an accident.

A solicitor representing Johnston said she had an exemplary 20 year driving record.