‘Don’t let the criminals ruin your Christmas’


The PSNI Commander for the Banbridge area has issued a Christmas message to people in the area.

Armagh and Banbridge Area Commander, Chief Inspector Ian Campbell sends the following message: “A crime free Christmas is the Christmas I would like all residents in Banbridge and Armagh to enjoy however criminals in our midst look at the festive season in a different light - as the opportune time to benefit from crime.

“In the run up to Christmas I am reminding all residents to be vigilant and use basic, common sense, preventative measures to protect your home, vehicle and valuables.

“I am asking you all to look out for one another, particularly the more vulnerable in your community.

“If you notice any suspicious activity in your neighbourhood, or when out and about, please report it to us straight away.

“If possible make a note of details such as descriptions or vehicle registration numbers which will help us in any investigation or to build a detailed picture of criminal activity.

“Unfortunately we cannot be everywhere but with the eyes, ears and cooperation of decent members of the community our efforts to thwart criminals and keep people safe will be greatly enhanced.”

“Don’t let criminals ruin your Christmas and help us to keep you safe!” added the chief Inspector.