Driving offences were an oversight

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When he was involved in an accident with his JCB it was discovered a 33-year-old man was not insured.

John Douglas, Katesbridge Road, Banbridge, admitted four offences last Thursday at the local magistrates’ court.

They were driving a JCB Farm Loader without insurance on February 21, failing to notify DVA of change of keeper and not having a front or a rear number plate. The court heard that at 5.29am an accident happened on the Katesbridge Road, Banbridge, and the defendant’s JCB was involved.

Police noticed there were no number plates on the vehicle and the defendant was not registered as the owner with the DVA. He was also not insured to drive it on a public road.

A solicitor representing the defendant said he was a diary farmer and on this occasion he was turning right into his home.

He explained that the other party was responsible for the collision. The solicitor said Douglas had just purchased this JCB and it came with no plates. The vehicle was now registered.

The solicitor said the defendant had to pay £250 to recover the vehicle from the pound.

District Judge, Mr Paul Copeland, said he was satisfied this was an oversight by someone with an otherwise good record.

He imposed absolute discharges on all four charges, imposing six points for the no insurance offence.