DUP will seek definition of a victim

David Simpson
David Simpson

Upper Bann MP David Simpson has said the DUP will use its influence in a hung parliament to secure a United Kingdom definition of a victim which excludes perpetrators.

Commenting Mr Simpson said, “The latest opinion polls indicate that even a coalition of two parties will not secure an overall majority in the next parliament.

“Northern Ireland MPs will be crucial,” Mr Simpson added. “The DUP is the only Northern Ireland Party to publish a five-point plan to capitalise on this opportunity. Other parties have no plans to maximise Northern Ireland’s influence in the next parliament.

“Whilst our Northern Ireland Plan details 100 action points for a hung parliament, one issue we would be seeking progressed would be a UK-wide definition of a victim.

“It is immoral that the current definition places the perpetrator and the victim on a par. It is unacceptable that the terrorist pulling the trigger should be treated the same way as the innocent victim.

“The DUP has sought to change this definition both at Westminster and the Assembly through Private Members’ Bills.

“Due to a lack of support from the SDLP and opposition from Sinn Fein, this matter has not been able to be progressed. I’m delighted that Northern Ireland is moving forward and the daily diet of bombings and shootings that once filled our news bulletins has now almost ended.

“I’m glad we’re in a better place where families, on a daily basis, are not suffering because their loved one has been murdered through an act of terrorism.

“However, we must never forget the victims who are still hurting. The current definition is unfair and an insult towards innocent victims.”