Ferguson backs appeal in cake row

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TUV Upper Bann candidate Roy Ferguson said he was backing the owners of Ashers Bakery, the McArthur family and their appeal in the same sex marriage cake row.

He was speaking ahead of the Ashers Rally, that took place in Craigavon, on Monday.

“The day the McArthur family lost in the High Court was a dark one for justice and religious freedom,” he said.

“It is scandalous a family owned business was dragged before the courts and subjected to a year of torture. I congratulate the McArthur family on the dignity and grace they have displayed throughout this ordeal.”

“I was delighted to learn that the judgement was being appealed as it has profound ramifications for religious freedom in Northern Ireland.

“The judgement in the Ashers Bakery case was a far-reaching assault on freedom of conscience, with religious belief suppressed by success, at this stage, for the aggressive gay rights agenda.

“As the family returns to the High Court they will have the continuing support of all who cherish the foundational freedoms of conscience and religious belief.

“The aggressive attitude of the gay rights lobby is in full view again as they plan to picket the lawful rally tonight in support of civil and religious liberty.”