Got stuck in a hedge trying to reverse away

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A 33-year-old man was banned from driving for 16 months last Thursday at Banbridge Magistrates Court after he admitted a series of motoring offences.

He was William McCallum, Brookfield Meadows, Banbridge.

For driving while unfit through drink or drugs on January 13 this year he was fined £150 and disqualified for 16 months. He was fined £150 and banned for 12 months for not having insurance on the same date. Fines of £20 and concurrent 12 month bans were imposed for not displaying ‘L’ plates, driving unaccompanied and not having a vehicle test certificate. He was also ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy.

Concurrent 12 months bans and fines totalling £210 were imposed for failing to wear a helmet on May 24, carrying an unauthorised passenger, no ‘L’ plates and not having insurance.

The court heard that on January 13 at 2.40pm there was a two vehicle collision at the Blue Road, Banbridge.

There was a build up of traffic and McCallum collided with the rear vehicle in the waiting traffic. He attempted to reverse away at speed but lost control in the snow and ended up in a hedge where he was stuck.

McCallum identified himself at the scene and admitted he did not have insurance or a test certificate.

At Banbridge custody suite he said he had been smoking cannabis.

On May 24 at 8pm at Peggy’s Loanin police saw a small black moped with a passenger on the back. The driver was not wearing a crash helmet.

Checks by police confirmed there was no insurance in place. McCallum was a provisional licence holder and was not allowed to carry a passenger and he admitted all the offences.

A solicitor said as far as the collision was concerned it had been snowing and his client simply lost control on a bend.

Referring to the second incident he said the defendant had given his helmet to the passenger.