Heartless thieves target elderly residents

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Police have issued an appeal after heartless thieves stole a large quantity of cash from elderly residents just outside Banbridge.

Posting on their Facebbook page police stated: “On the morning of Tuesday 24th January between around 7.15am and 8.15am there was a burglary of elderly residents on Doughery Road, Banbridge.

“The burglars walked through an unlocked rear door and ransacked the house, letting themselves out the front door with a large quantity of cash.

“If you live in the area or were in the area at that time, and saw anything suspicious, please call us on 101.

“The incident number is 184 of 24/01/17.

“It is also another reminder not to make it easy for burglars.

Lock all doors at all times, even if you’re just popping out the back for a few minutes.

“It’s also a reminder to get speaking to elderly friends and relatives and make sure they don’t keep large quantities of cash in the house.”