‘I am God. King of Ireland’ man told police officers

Judge's court wig and hammer or gavel
Judge's court wig and hammer or gavel

When he saw police a 30-year-old man told them he was God and King of Ireland, Banbridge Magistrates Court heard last Thursday.

Hugh Desmond McKenna, Lissize Avenue, Rathfriland, admitted disorderly behaviour on April 20 this year.

The court heard that McKenna was shouting abuse in Newry Street, Rathfriland. Standing beside a bag of drink he told police: “I am God. King of Ireland”.

He also told them they were his servants and should do what he tells them before telling them to ‘shut the f—k up’. When cautioned he said: “I am God.” A solicitor said the defendant had a record which was of some vintage with the last offence eight years ago. District Judge, Mr Paul Copeland, imposed an absolute discharge.