Jailed and put on the sex offenders register for seven years

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A Portadown man has been sentenced to four months in prison and been put on the Sex Offender’s Register for seven years after he exposed himself to police in Donacloney.

Henry Rodger Thomas Finn (38) of West Street, admitted a series of offences when he appeared at Craigavon Court last Wednesday.

For indecently exposing himself on May 31 last year he was given a four month prison term and placed on the Sex Offender’s Register for the minimum period of seven years.

A concurrent three month term was imposed for a disorderly behaviour offence on the same date.

Finn was also sentenced to sentences of three months for criminal damage on July 16, 2011, two months for disorderly behaviour on August 12, 2012, four months for criminal damage and four months for assault January 28, 2012.

All the sentences are to run concurrently making a total of four months in prison.

The court heard that on January 28, 2102, at 11.30pm in West Street, Portadown, the defendant, who had a lot to drink, stopped in front of a taxi driver and hit the headlight of his vehicle before asking him for £5.

Finn also took the dust cap of the car and damaged a wing mirror and again asked ‘for a fiver’.

The injured party felt he was going to be assaulted and had to drive away. Finn then made a sectarian remark: “That’s a fenian b—d.” As the injured party drove off the defendant shouted ‘fenian b—d’ after him.

On May 31, 2014, police were carrying out duties at a parade in Donacloney and at 8.35pm they saw Finn urinating against a fence at the side of the road.

He was told to stop but continued and turned to face a female officer. He was moving his genitals from side to side and continued to urinate.

Also on the same date outside a hot food bar in Mandeville Street, Portadown, Finn was pointing and shouting at a group of people.

He was abusive to police and gave false details but he was identified by an officer and brought to the police land rover. He refused to get out of the vehicle and demanded to be taken into custody. When he did get out he was warned about his behaviour but continued to be abusive.

On July 16, 2011, at 8.15pm he was seen pushing over a menu sign outside a bar in Portadown before taking it into an alleyway.

On August 12, 2102, at 12.30am Finn was shouting in Carleton Street and refused to be quiet, acting aggressively towards police.

Mr Hugo Marley, representing Finn, said that in the last 12 months there had been a change of lifestyle by the defendant who was now totally abstaining from alcohol.

He pointed out that all of Finn’s record was brought on by the consumption of alcohol.

Mr Marley said Finn was now in a relationship and was doing two jobs and ‘doesn’t have time to get into trouble’.

District Judge, Mr Mervyn Bates, pointed out that the exposure charge qualified as a sexual offence.

Mr Marley said Finn made a swaying motion towards police by way of antagonising the officer rather than for any sexual gratification.

“In the last 12 months his whole personality has changed,” added Mr Marley. “But given drink he is a nuisance.”

Imposing immediate custody Judge Bates said the public needed to be protected from people who carry out these random attacks, adding there was complete lawlessness about Finn’s behaviour.

After consulting with his client Mr Marley applied for bail to appeal against the sentences.Finn was released of his own bail of £500 pending appeal.