Kneed officer in groin after noisy St Patrick’s party


A 22-year-old man kneed an officer in the groin after police asked everyone to leave a noisy St Patrick’s night party in Banbridge, the local magistrates court has heard.

Connor Quigley of Edenderry Park, Banbridge was fined £250 at the magistrates’ Court last Thursday, for common assault on March 18 this year.

He was also ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy and £100 compensation to the police officer he assaulted.

The court heard that shortly before 7am on the date in question police went to an address at Golf Terrace in Banbridge , this after having received reports of a noisy house party.

When they arrived at the address and asked everyone to leave, it was said, the defendant became verbally and physically aggressive towards police.

The court heard Quigley had to be restrained and used his knee to strike an officer in the groin.

He later calmed down and was brought home.

There was said to have been no significant injury to the officer, though he had felt immediate pain and had had to take painkillers.

A solicitor representing Quigley said the incident took place at seven o’clock on the morning after St Patrick’s Day, and his client had consumed quite a lot of alcohol.

He added that Quigley had very little recollection of the incident but realised his behaviour had been totally unacceptable.

Quigley, said the solicitor, had no previous convictions and the incident in question was a one-off, aggravated by the fact the defendant had been drinking for such a long period of time.