Lost control of his car and hit another vehicle


A 22-year-old man who caused a road accident which left the driver of the other car with a punctured lung was banned from driving for six months last Thursday at Craigavon Magistrates Court.

Peter Harisson, Meadowbank, Banbridge, was also fined £500 for driving without due care and attention on December 12, 2013.

As well he was ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy.

The court heard that a car with two passengers was travelling towards Banbridge when a car came towards them sideways and collided with the front of their vehicle.

The injured party suffered a punctured lung and broken ribs while the passenger had broken ribs which required surgery.

The defendant suffered a broken arm which required surgery.

A solicitor for the defendant said he lost control but did not know why. He accepted his driving fell below the competent level.

District Judge, Mr Paul Copeland, said the defendant had been driving too fast, had lost control of his vehicle and had caused significant hurt and damage to innocent people on the road.