Man in court after causing incident at Summerhill


A restraining order was imposed on a 24-year-old man last Thursday at Banbridge Magistrates Court after he admitted harassment of his ex-partner.

Christopher Scott McCreery, Old Mill Heights, Hillsborough, pleaded guilty to pursuing a course of harassment between December 13 and December 22 last year.

He was fined £250 and ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy.

A restraining order was put in place to run for two years.

The court heard that at 11.30pm police went to an ongoing domestic incident at Summerhill in Banbridge.

The injured party was in the front room of the house and the defendant was banging on the window.

She wanted him away from the premises and when he did leave he threw an empty bottle at her car.

McCreery was heavily intoxicated and when he was arrested he said ‘you cannot be serious’.

The injured party alleged she had been harassed by her ex-partner who had made calls and sent text messages, some of an abusive nature.

McCreery admitted approaching her home but said that both parties were to blame.

He admitted to the calls and the text messages, saying he was upset and was ‘venting his frustration’.

A solicitor representing the defendant said McCreery and the injured party had been in a relationship for eight years but it had broken down in November last year.

He added that the defendant had alcohol on board which gave rise to his unacceptable behaviour.

The solicitor said McCreery had now accepted that the relationship was over and things had settled down since this incident.