Mooned children in Solitude park

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In the horrors of alcohol a 41-year-old man behave in a ‘disgraceful and sub-human manner’ a judge said last Thursday at Banbridge Magistrates Court.

David Thompson, Millbank View, Corbet, Banbridge, admitted indecent behaviour and disorderly behaviour on July 20 last year.

For each offence he was fined £100 and he was also ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy.

Thompson had also been charged with an exposure offence but the prosecution service offered no evidence and this was dismissed.

The court heard that in the afternoon the defendant who was intoxicated went into Solitude Park, Banbridge.

There were a number of children and young adults enjoying the sunshine.

Thompson ‘mooned’ them with his bare buttocks and for half an hour he staggered about making a complete nuisance of himself. Police were notified by the Park Ranger.

A barrister representing the defendant said this happened in July of last year and Thompson has not been near the court since.

He explained that his problem was his addiction to alcohol and he had been to his GP and was now taking antabuse tablets.

His brother Sam had also died about six weeks ago.

The barrister added that Thompson was heavily intoxicated and had little recollection of what happened. He made a nuisance of himself and the more serious charge had been dropped.

District Judge Eamonn King told the defendant he had made a nuisance of himself and ‘in the horrors of alcohol’ he had behaved in a ‘disgraceful and sub-human manner’.

He added that he had heard about the bereavement of Thompson’s brother and that might provide him with the motivation to address his addiction.

“I hope you do that and this time you are successful,” he said. “Under the influence of alcohol you are a public nuisance.”