Partner refused to let him into house

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After his partner refused to let him into the house because he was drunk a 24-year-old man became abusive to police who arrived at the scene.

Tony Beattie, Victoria Park, Banbridge, admitted disorderly behaviour when he appeared last Thursday at the local court.

A public prosecutor said that on September 9 this year police were called to a domestic dispute at Victoria Park.

The defendant was there and was asked to move on which he did. However later police were called again to the area. Beattie became agitated and started to shout and swear. After ignoring police warnings he was arrested.

A solicitor representing Beattie said he had a relevant record. He explained that the defendant and his partner were going through difficulties and Beattie took himself off drinking.

The solicitor added that when he returned his partner would not let him in. He said that police gave him the opportunity to leave but he didn’t accept their warning.

District Judge, Mr Paul Copeland, adjourned the case until October 19 to obtain a report and released Beattie on £300 bail.