Points lead to driving 
ban in case of repeat insurance offender


Shortly after he had been convicted of driving without insurance a 34-year-old man was caught again for a similar offence, Banbridge Magistrates Court had heard.

Neill Smyth of Konver Heights, Banbridge, admitted the offence last Thursday at the local court.

He was fined £450.

He was also ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy and had six penalty points imposed.

On the tot-up points system he was consequently banned from driving for six months. The court heard that the offence came to light when the defendant was stopped while driving in Dromore Street, Banbridge, on June 6 this year.

It was said he had been dealt with for a no insurance offence at court on May 7 this year.

A solicitor representing the defendant said he had purchased the vehicle from someone who worked in England and was only home for that one night.

He drove it only a short distance.Deputy District Judge Brian Archer said that the defendant had been convicted four weeks previously for no insurance and then decided to go out and buy a vehicle without bothering to get insurance.

Smyth’s solicitor said it was a genuine oversight on his part and he now had a policy of insurance.

He explained that Smyth was reliant on his licence for work and he asked the court to impose a short disqualification rather than six points.