Police arrest ‘lawyer’ on suspicion of burglary

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Police in Banbridge arrested a man who claimed to be a lawyer after they caught him breaking into a shed in the Limewood area in the early hours of this morning.

Details of the arrest were posted on the PSNI Banbridge Facebook page.

According to the post, the suspect told officers: “I’m a lawyer. This is my house, I’m just clearing out my shed, and you may get out of my garden if you don’t have a warrant.”

However, it added: “That would be all well and good, if he was a lawyer...or if it was his house...or if it wasn’t 5:30am...or if we needed a warrant...

“That was the situation that greeted E section in the early hours of this morning in Limewood.

“One straight into custody for burglary and attempted burglary.”

Thanking the “alert neighbours” who called police about the break-in, the post concluded: “It doesn’t come much easier than that! Keep the calls coming, and we’ll keep slapping the cuffs on.”