Police officers injured after being ‘rammed’ by vehicle in Banbridge

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Two police officers were injured when their car was ‘rammed’ while they were attending a call in the Banbridge area last night (Saturday).

According to a post on the PSNI Banbridge Facebook page, the two officers sustained minor injuries in the crash, but were able to restrain and arrest the driver of the other vehicle.

It’s understood the incident occurred on the Flough Road, a few miles from Banbridge town centre.

“Last night two of our colleagues suffered minor injuries as a result of their car being rammed in Banbridge whilst attending a call,” the post said.

“The initial call appeared to be a civil dispute however tensions were rising, and a vehicle had been blocked in by another. As our guys arrived to sort the situation, a vehicle drove straight at them.

“Thankfully our guys were in good enough shape to restrain and arrest the driver for dangerous driving and resisting arrest. As anyone who’s been in a crash knows though, the pain will start this morning.”

The post continued by stressing the knock-on effect of the incident, which left police with fewer officers to cover the Banbridge area.

“Last night you, the community, lost one of your police crews off the ground due to this driver’s actions. It may have been an attack on us, but it’s everyone who suffers,” it said.

“Another example of our officers in Banbridge physically putting themselves in harms way to keep people safe. We wish them a speedy recovery from this completely reckless and needless incident.”

A PSNI spokesperson confirmed that officers arrested a man aged in his 50s on suspicion of a number of offences including dangerous driving and obstructing police. He was later released on police bail, pending further enquiries.

Local DUP representative Carla Lockhart, who topped the poll in the Assembly election, said she’s been in touch with the local Chief Superintendent about the incident and has passed on her best wishes to the two injured officers.

“Every time a police officer attends a call they could potentially be putting themselves in danger, so we appreciate their efforts to protect people and to maintain law and order,” she commented.

UUP Councillor Glenn Barr added: “Unfortunately this took police officers out of action when we desperately need them serving and protecting our community.

“I wish the two PSNI officers who were injured a speedy recovery.”