Police saw car go through a red light

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After he was offered a fixed penalty for driving through a red light a 30-year-old man refused to take it claiming that the light had been at amber.

But at Banbridge Magistrates Court last Thursday he pleaded guilty to breach of traffic sign on March 1 last year.

John Joseph Stokes, Reilly Street, Banbridge, was fined £120, ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy and given three points.

The court heard that at 8pm police were travelling on the Huntly Road in Banbridge when they saw a car coming towards them. They turned and saw the car go through a red light at the end of the road.

They stopped the car in Church Place and offered the defendant who was driving a fixed penalty but he refused to accept it .

A solicitor representing Stokes said her client thought the light was at amber and drove on. He had three live points on his licence.